Wednesdays With Watson

I should not be alive, I get that.  I understand the responsibility that comes with surviving.

I will always be grateful that I get the opportunity to share Jesus when I tell my story.  People often get overwhelmed by the gravity of the trauma and they lose the coolest part of the story, the redemption part. If you are walking life with me you are literally watching ALL things become NEW, one of the most precious promises of the Bible-and this is just the beginning of the redemption– not to be compared to eternity!  That is true in your life too, it’s easy to focus on the suffering and the pain, and we so often forget the gift of redemption and the opportunity to further the gospel through our response to suffering.

Every time I get the opportunity to tell even portions of my story, I always try to remember to declare my mission:  I just want to be a good steward of the pain. I would not choose most of the things that I have suffered, but I also would not ask for those things to be taken away, they have been a gift to me and I want to be a good steward of that gift.

I want Him to find me faithful in using the gift of pain.  It’s terrifying though, surviving trauma seems easy comparatively speaking.  But I know that He has called me and therefore has equipped me not only with lessons learned from trauma, but giftings that we all have. I am a teacher at heart with a passion that is second only to a love affair with learning.  I love digging in with other learners and there is nothing that dumps the dopamine more than watching “A HA” moments!  But my passion gets buried with owning a business, surviving multiple health issues and living in this neighborhood we call adulthood.  I am not a fan of this hood, for the record.

Speaking of gifts, I am reminded of the precious gift of friendship.  I have always been really fortunate in the friends department, I didn’t think it could get better or even different, but 2019 brought my friends out brighter than ever, and I needed them more than ever.  I finished the year with friends I didn’t start the year with and new friendships grew quickly and I became aware at how awesome our God is to give us the friends we have whether it be for a reason, season or lifetime.  Some of those new friendships were made in the most unconventional way –utilizing social media and a shared passion. As a result, I spent the year with amazing people in my life pouring wisdom and encouragement into me, and suddenly these people, some of whom I have never even met, became part of my almost daily life.  The realization of such pushed me to question, could the gift of pain, and the gift of friendship somehow coincide with my passion to teach?

If you have the right friends, you can only avoid them for so long, and if you have two of my friends, you downright feel bullied after they throw down their gauntlet.  Both of them are fairly familiar with my relatively non complaint nature, and so they use their gauntlets sparingly, and so when it’s thrown down, I listen.

“You need to be teaching” was the edict from both of them.  Really, they were only giving a voice to the desires of my heart.

Could Wednesdays With Watson have a whole new meaning?!

If you are interested in joining an online Bible study, I would love to have you!  We will use a universal video application for the study, it will be topical so there is no need to purchase a book of any kind (just need you and your Bible).  I would LOVE if any of you also have a passion for teaching that can pinch hit for me in the event that my work or health requires me to miss a class.  We will likely meet on Wednesdays, but much will be determined by the people that want to attend.  I would count it an honor to spend time with any of you who want to dig deep into Jesus and go where He takes us!  Details with be forthcoming, as so much depends on interest level.

There are two ways to let me know if you are interested.  Preferred method is email at or you can DM/PM me.



“But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect. I Peter 3:15


I am so eager to share with you the reason for the Hope that is within me and I would love to hear the reason for the Hope within you too!







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