Healing PTSD, Shea’s Story

PTSD, Jesus and You: Healing PTSD, Shea’s story (listen to podcast)

He fought on the battle- field, protecting America and can speak of the things he saw and experienced as he joined hundreds of thousands of soldiers who fought in recent wars. He can tell you how it affected him in ways most of us will never understand. But it was his life before

that point that started the fight of his life, as a young boy he was sexually abused and he speaks of the fall- out from that—he speaks of the confusion of the abuse, the confusion of sexual identity not helped by relentless bullying. He speaks of his first marriage, one that was ill-fated and short but that experience likely not helpful as he fought his demons. He tells of his second marriage and how he is part of the 1:7 men who experience domestic violence, I cringed when he told the story of his ex -wife stabbing him in the back with scissors. Violence in his home notwithstanding, he tells of the eight of his babies that are in heaven because of miscarriages.

He speaks of drug and alcohol abuse, and chasing peace, doing drugs that kept him wide open,likely his way of feeling all of that pain. He tells of being hospitalized by the military for two years as the demons finally caught up with him.

But Then He tells us about what Jesus did.

Today we honor Shea Watson and thank him for his service to the United States, and grieve with him as he tells of a TBI and then rejoice with him as he tells us about where he is today. To hear his entire story, head over to the podcast and here this amazing story of Hope and redemption. Shea embodies I Peter 2:9 and his story brings Hope to us all.

Click here to hear this unbelievable story of Hope and healing.

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