I have fond memories of the sounds of a typewriter strikes as I pounded out “stories” on an old school typewriter.  Some of my earliest memories are stealing my uncle’s spot at his desk (by his own right an accomplished writer) and watching characters and story lines jump from my brain to paper.  As long as I can remember, I have also loved to read.  Both are passions of mine and as it turns out, a calling too.

This page originally housed all of my original writings for the book, “Blindsided By Healing”.  Since the book is in the rewrite process, I needed to remove the content from a public blog.  And certainly, as I have stepped into what I believe to be a calling to tell my story, those original writings look so much different as I continue my journey of healing. This site houses topical writings, book reviews and the occasional “Wednesday’s With Watson”.  Often there will be posts that will give you an inside look at my story, and why I know I have to tell it.

It is also true that for the duration of this journey thus far, many have walked with me and encouraged me to keep writing.  Because of the content of my story,  writing it can be difficult at times; and seemingly impossible at others.  I covet your prayers as I continue to step into what God has called me to write.  He has already proven Himself faithful during this process, and I know that He will continue.

It is my prayer that all of my writings, will put God on display.  Those who know my story will continue to watch the hand of God healing me in miraculous ways.  Those of you who don’t know my story will garner a little about it in these writings.  I am so in love with Jesus Who continues to fulfill the promise of Joel 2:25 by redeeming the years that the locust stole.  Brokenness is part of all of our lives, but it doesn’t have to equate defeat.  For as long as God gives me the ability to speak or to write, it is my prayer that He may find me a faithful steward of not only blessings in life, but also pain.  Because above all else, He is the reason I am on this amazing journey of not only writing but healing too.