Come Along With Me On This Journey

This page originally housed all of my original writings for the book, “Blindsided By Healing”.  Since the book is in the rewrite process, I needed to remove the content from a public blog.

However, still, on at least a weekly basis, I receive a text message or a phone call from a friend or family member who has read my blog, and is reaching out for help.  Helping people is my passion, and the entire reason I am writing the book.

It is also true that for the duration of this journey thus far, many of you have come along side of me and encouraged me to keep writing, though difficult at times; and impossible at others.  It is your support that keeps me writing, and pulling down the blog negates the opportunity for me to get your feedback and encouragement.  Encouragement that has been vital in the last few years.

In the coming months, you will see some action regarding the book in the way of my logo roll out, website launch, social media presence and videos of speaking opportunities.  But, along the way, I want you to keep hearing from me.

It is my prayer that these writings, will continue to put God on display.  Those who know my story will continue to watch the hand of God healing me in miraculous ways.  Those of you who don’t know my story will garner a little about it in these writings.  I am hopeful that these writings will continue to shine a light on God, who takes brokenness and turns it into something unrecognizable.  Unless the Lord completely heals, there will always be brokenness in my life but I pray it doesn’t take the form of defeat yet the form of a fight, one that is a worthy fight; one that both soothes my heart and helps others.

As I close in on finishing the book; welcome to the journey of the last months of finishing this labor of love.

It was and continue to be just that, a journey.


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