Lost Childhood Challenge, 2022


Last year, I did an interview with a young lady who had experienced quite a bit of child abuse. Her story is an important one because as she pointed out child abuse doesn’t always look like the Amy Watson story. Sometimes child abuse can occur in a two parent “intact families”. In some ways, that kind of child abuse is the worst kind, because the child isn’t getting any attention from people like teachers, pastors, youth pastors or any adult because we’ve gotten in our heads that child abuse does not occur in two parent intact homes. This interview with this young lady who tried to take her life as an adult as a result of her experience with child abuse is paradigm shattering and gave me an idea last year.

I called at the lost childhood challenge and for the most part I dreaded it every day because it was just something else that I had to do, something that I had to put on film, meaning that I would tear it apart and be hyper critical of everything that I posted. I have determined that I wouldn’t do it again this year, but so many people responded to it and indicated to me that it made their heart happy to watch an adult who had their childhood stolen from them seeking child like activities. So, here we are April 2022 and the loss childhood challenge of 2022 is on in full force. Those videos are over on my Instagram page and I would love for you to join us, and perhaps seek your own childlike activity and tag me in it and join the fun!

As I was filming one of the videos for this year, it occurred to me that maybe I should try to enjoy it. I did enjoy it and I hope you do too! Since I know not everyone has Instagram, I will also post on Facebook on the podcast page.

Along the way this week, I will post short blogs on child abuse, and I hope you enjoy me acting crazy, keeping it mostly on the ground because gravity is not my friend, and keep it tuned here and the podcast let’s get after this together, because it is never too late to heal!!!

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